Episode 2: Working Together for the Whole Strategy with Kathleen Booth

All things growth: Episode 2 is: Driving Revenue Through Alignment with Kathleen Booth

Is your company working together for the greater good of your go-to-market strategy? In today’s episode, we are chatting with Kathleen Booth. 

Kathleen is the SVP of Marketing at Tradeswell, the first to offer e-commerce brands a system of intelligence that breaks down the silos between marketing, sales, operations, logistics, and finance, providing a “mission control” for growing e-commerce businesses looking to thrive in the real-time commerce economy. 

“But if you can’t nail everybody agreeing on who should have a voice, and how should those decisions be made, then I think you’re going to have a flawed process from the very beginning” – Kathleen Booth


Highlights from today’s discussion include:

  • Introducing Kathleen Booth (1:11)
  • What does a go-to-market strategy mean, and how does it drive revenue (5:16)
  • The customer is the hero of the story (7:55)
  • Involving your product in your strategy (11:26)
  • How can your whole organization help your sales (15:02)
  • The simple strategy for implementing your strategy (17:54)
  • Kathleen shares unsuccessful strategies she has experienced (21:13)
  • Executing go-to-marketing strategies in different verticals (27:28)
  • Kathleen shares what she would want you to implement in your own organization (31:55)

Is your company working together for the greater good of your go-to-marketing strategy? We love feedback and would love to know more about your strategy and how your organization comes together! Come share with us on social media!

Resources Mentioned: 

Chris Walker

Rand Fishkin

Peep Laja

Patrick Campbell 

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