The 3 Reasons Your Role As A Marketer Is Being Undervalued

The 3 Reasons You are Being Undervalued as a Marketer

I spent 30 years as a marketing professional in Silicon Valley working for large enterprise public companies and bootstrapped, early, and late series startups alike. I thrived on helping companies define, develop, and implement successful marketing strategies that lead to higher revenue, funding, and IPOs. 

Every day, I saw money being left on the table because Marketing wasn’t a driving part of the vision. We were an afterthought once a product and its features were already created.

Here are the 3 reasons marketers like you are being undervalued.

  1. You’re getting pulled into projects too late in the game.
    It’s one of the most common challenges in almost every organization: the dreaded silo. By the time sales or your boss pulls you in for a briefing or gives you your marching orders, it’s almost too late to have any say at all in what should be done next.
  2. You haven’t built the right relationships inside your organization.
    It’s easier and less intimidating to stay in your departmental bubble and only interact with the departments that directly impact yours. But if you’re only rubbing elbows with your cubicle pod and seeing the same faces on Zoom calls day in and day out, you’re missing out on a key opportunity to gain more visibility inside your company.
  3. You don’t know how to communicate results in a way that makes people’s ears perk up. As marketers, we geek out on data and numbers that others don’t understand or care about. When others who don’t speak your marketing jargon don’t clearly understand how the results you’re boasting about apply to them, they simply won’t see the value in it.

The good news is establishing yourself as a go-to marketing leader inside your organization is 100% possible (no matter your experience level, job title, or pay grade). And it’s simpler than you think.

The key to standing out and turning yourself into your company’s secret marketing weapon? Understanding where you can make the biggest impact, building influence with key people, and carrying out your plan of attack.

That’s why I created The Indispensable Marketer, my step-by-step roadmap to driving real, measurable marketing ROI for your organization, so you can prove yourself, be seen as the team’s go-to marketing expert, and advance your career goals.

Check it out and see if it’s right for you!