Know Your Target; Know Your Ammo

know your ammo
Know your ammo
Yep, that’s a real sign I saw on a hike near my house

My superpower (or maybe a curse?) is identifying marketing strategy in everything I see, everywhere I go, including on a hike. 

There is so much talk in the marketing world about knowing your target audience and customer, but…You need to know what ammo you have to use too. 

  • What content do you have that speaks to your target and helps them understand what you do and how you help them?
  • What programs and content do you already have that you can reuse, repackage, repurpose or recycle?
  • Do you have thought leaders (internal folks or customers) and industry influencers who can help validate your offering and ROI?
  • Do you have customer advocates and references?

Don’t recreate the wheel. Know your ammo!

Look in your back pocket (or wherever one keeps their ammo these days), and be smart and efficient about using what you already have. Heck, it’s even already paid for.