Learn to use the G.R.I.T. Marketing Method

Learn to use the

G.R.I.T. Marketing

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June 22 & 23

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Few people actually understand marketing— and even fewer executives want to

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Why lack of trust can slash your budget, hurt your department and your career


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How leveraging a map of influence can help you double your company’s revenue

Whether you’re a marketer in the trenches, a manager, director, VP, CMO – even a CEO –  you’ll come away knowing what moves can 2X – 20X your revenue, giving you the right kind of attention in your market and organization.

Meet Your Host

Christina Del Villar

A twenty-five year Silicon Valley marketing veteran and bestselling author, Christina Del Villar
is the go-to-market strategy expert who developed the G.R.I.T. Marketing Method.

One of the biggest “aha!” moments I had while working as a marketing executive in Silicon Valley was that very few people actually understand marketing—and even fewer executives at the highest levels even want to.

This disconnect creates a lack of trust that has severe consequences for the whole company, which we’ll get to in a second. The bottom line is—when things go right and revenue trends up, everyone’s happy (and sales gets all the credit); but when revenue slides and misses the forecast, “marketing sucks” and isn’t providing sales with qualified leads.

Sound familiar? As a marketer, this is sh!t. Great marketing provides the company with the lifeblood it needs to survive and thrive beyond just leads—brand, content, tools, data, and heck, a website so people can even find you.

As an executive, I see the bigger challenge (and opportunity) for marketing leaders and executives—including CEOs—to understand each other and leverage marketing in a strategic way that will align everyone and benefit the entire organization and overall corporate goals.

This new method is what I’ve used to increase revenue by 2X-20X for companies in the most cut-throat markets. Lucky for you, I reveal details of my G.R.I.T. Marketing Method in a new training I deftly named:

The Map for Marketing Professionals to Expand Their Budgets, Headcount, and Influence, Even When the CEO Thinks You Suck.”

Your CEO Thinks You Suck.” (for short)

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