What does the marketing department do?

What does the marketing department do? Seems like a simple question, yet so many marketers struggle to articulate their value to the company, which means that a lot of people don’t really understand what marketing actually does, other than make t-shirts. So let’s start with a short list of the things that a marketing departmentContinue reading “What does the marketing department do?”

How to be more intentional in your marketing

One of the key tenets of my G.R.I.T. Marketing Method is learning how to be more intentional in your marketing programs. Being intentional with your marketing programs will lead to: more qualified leads higher conversion more overall impact What does it mean to be an intentional marketer? Put simply, an intention is the plan youContinue reading “How to be more intentional in your marketing”

Know Your Target; Know Your Ammo

My superpower (or maybe a curse?) is identifying marketing strategy in everything I see, everywhere I go, including on a hike.  There is so much talk in the marketing world about knowing your target audience and customer, but…You need to know what ammo you have to use too.  What content do you have that speaksContinue reading “Know Your Target; Know Your Ammo”

Forget Voice of Customer. Where Is Your Brand’s Voice?

Marketers today are competing against so much noise in the online world. And the din has grown exponentially louder during COVID-19, through applications like Clubhouse and messaging from your competition. But these strange times also bring an opportunity to amplify the voice of your corporate brand (as well as your own). Let’s explore how your brand can stand out:

How I Built a (Marketing) Rocketship

I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset—whether it was adding more readers to my paper route, exponentially increasing our school fundraiser donations, convincing everyone I met that Girl Scout cookies just tasted better, or getting our high school Junior Achievement company to pay for my college. Fortunately I was born and raised in the BayContinue reading “How I Built a (Marketing) Rocketship”

A Marketer’s Guide to Surviving a Crisis Part Two: A Path for You to Stay Relevant

In Part One of this series, we looked at how you can help your company stay relevant. Next I’d like to deep dive a little more into how to emphasize your impact and the value you bring.  Marketing budgets are still contracting; marketing professionals are still losing their jobs. Even Google announced a few weeksContinue reading “A Marketer’s Guide to Surviving a Crisis Part Two: A Path for You to Stay Relevant”