Marketing With Intent

Did you know 50% of marketing leads go untouched by sales? That sounds like a crazy high number. Like, what are they doing with our amazing leads?! When you ask the sales team they offer a thoughtful response, “Those leads sucked.” Hmmmm…maybe they’re right. That’s where marketing with intent comes in.  Find The Right AudienceContinue reading “Marketing With Intent”

This Is Your Most Important Marketing Channel

How to take advantage of your most important marketing channel — your website. I like to talk about MarTech and the importance of utilizing the right tools to run your programs more efficiently. We are so focused on outside tools, technologies, programs, and challenges that we often overlook our most important marketing channel – ourContinue reading “This Is Your Most Important Marketing Channel”

What Would Christina Do: What tools should I have in my MarTech stack?

Q: I recently started a new role and I’m starting from scratch building a complete and effective MarTech stack. Can you share your favorite tools and why? MarTech. It’s not a sexy topic, but these tools and systems are needed to accomplish your job. They help you build and run programs as well as manageContinue reading “What Would Christina Do: What tools should I have in my MarTech stack?”

What is a MarTech Stack? (And Do We Really Need It?)

There are a lot of tools, systems, and technologies at the disposal of marketing professionals. In fact, there are more than 5,000 options that marketing professionals can utilize to make their campaigns more effective and efficient.  These tools are often grouped together and referred to as a MarTech stack, but let’s look a little closerContinue reading “What is a MarTech Stack? (And Do We Really Need It?)”

What does the marketing department do?

What does the marketing department do? Seems like a simple question, yet so many marketers struggle to articulate their value to the company, which means that a lot of people don’t really understand what marketing actually does, other than make t-shirts. So let’s start with a short list of the things that a marketing departmentContinue reading “What does the marketing department do?”

Forget Voice of Customer. Where Is Your Brand’s Voice?

Marketers today are competing against so much noise in the online world. And the din has grown exponentially louder during COVID-19, through applications like Clubhouse and messaging from your competition. But these strange times also bring an opportunity to amplify the voice of your corporate brand (as well as your own). Let’s explore how your brand can stand out:

Uplevel Your Marketing Career in One “Easy” Step

We marketers are special, that’s a given; but we also occasionally suffer from the same career plateaus and lack of inspiration that most professionals encounter at least once in their tenure. You know, that blah phase when nothing’s going on with the product, all’s quiet on the industry front, it seems like there’s no newContinue reading “Uplevel Your Marketing Career in One “Easy” Step”