What Would Christina Do: What data should I be measuring regularly?

Q: I understand that data is important to a marketer, but I’m really not sure what data I should be looking at, or how to use it. Can you point me in the right direction? Data can definitely help a marketer understand the success of their campaigns, and make decisions about where to focus timeContinue reading “What Would Christina Do: What data should I be measuring regularly?”

What Is a Map of Influence and How To Define Yours

Learn how to create synergies across the go-to-market strategy by leveraging your Map of Influence. Whether you’re new to a company or are an experienced marketing professional, understanding how your role impacts other teams and departments is a key factor in being a successful marketer. The concept may seem simple, but the task of reallyContinue reading “What Is a Map of Influence and How To Define Yours”

What Would Christina Do: Internal Marketing Edition

What Would Christina Do? I just started a new job and I want to market myself internally. Where do I start? So, you just started a new job and are ready to market yourself internally, but you have no idea where to begin. Marketers of all levels find themselves in this exact situation. It doesn’tContinue reading “What Would Christina Do: Internal Marketing Edition”

The Importance Of Internal Marketing

As marketers, we often get in the habit of patting ourselves on the back because no one else will do it for us. Other departments don’t understand what we do or how we rate success, so we often end up being our own cheerleaders.  The problem with this approach is that you’re missing opportunities toContinue reading “The Importance Of Internal Marketing”

Forget Voice of Customer. Where Is Your Brand’s Voice?

Marketers today are competing against so much noise in the online world. And the din has grown exponentially louder during COVID-19, through applications like Clubhouse and messaging from your competition. But these strange times also bring an opportunity to amplify the voice of your corporate brand (as well as your own). Let’s explore how your brand can stand out:

Uplevel Your Marketing Career in One “Easy” Step

We marketers are special, that’s a given; but we also occasionally suffer from the same career plateaus and lack of inspiration that most professionals encounter at least once in their tenure. You know, that blah phase when nothing’s going on with the product, all’s quiet on the industry front, it seems like there’s no newContinue reading “Uplevel Your Marketing Career in One “Easy” Step”